Australia 2015

In August 1990 I left my hometown of Bainbridge, NY, to become one of the first students with a disability to participate in Rotary Youth Exchange. This international program allows youth the opportunity to live for a year in another country and fosters cultural understanding and education. I spent my last year of high school in Kingston, Tasmania, Australia. It was a year that changed my life, causing me to pursue my dreams and passions, to live without limits, to say yes and do it all not knowing if I would get another chance.

In 2014, I was invited back to Tasmania to speak at the Rotary District 9830 One Care Conference. I spent two weeks in Australia in March 2015. These posts chronicle the preparation for my journey and the daily experiences on my adventure. Thank you for traveling along with me!

Kangaroos in a wildlife sanctuary.


Getting Ready:

Saying Yes and Learning to Say Please

30 Days of Thanks Epilogue

5 Steps to a Dream Fulfilled

Always Have a Plan B

My Go-To Tunes – Flashback Friday

Three Weeks! (And Counting)

Two Weeks! (Still Counting)

Six Days!

The Next Two Weeks

The Trip:

Day 1 – Travel Adventures

Day 2  (The Day That Doesn’t Exist)

Day 3 – Arrival!

Day 4 of my Australian Adventure

Day 5 – Let’s Have a Barbie!

Day 6 – GASP and MONA

Weekend Update

People Are More Important Than Writing

Day 7 – The Conference Begins

Day 8 – Speaking at the Conference

Day 9 – Driving South for a Family Dinner

A Glorious Day in Sydney

Do I Have to Leave?

Day 10 – A Surprise Encounter and Kingston Rotary

Day 11 – Mt. Field National Park and Bonorong Wildlife Park

Day 12 – My Last Full Day in Tasmania

Day 13 – Sydney!

Day 14 – One More Day In Sydney

Day 15 – Returning Home (AKA: The Day That Never Ends)




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