Day 2 (the day that doesn’t exist)

As I type this, Kelly and I have one hour left on our 15 hour flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne. Well, 55 minutes according to the screen in front of me. I sit all day, for hours at a time, but I will be glad to get out of this seat!

I am a short person so my feet don’t reach the floor when I sit on airplanes. I brought a plastic container on this trip which is serving as a foot rest. It is a handy way for me to store chargers, my passport, puzzle books and magazines while still providing me with necessary foot support. It is also convenient for storing the cookies Sandy sent with me. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate my big sisters?

Thankfully, this flight had empty seats. Kelly and I had an empty seat between us so we were able to stretch out. Our seats are next to the galley behind first class which means we haven’t seen anyone walking by our seats other than the flight attendants.

We are flying on an Airbus A380 – a huge double decker jet. There are twenty one flight attendants and four pilots. The plane holds more than 500 passengers. Take off was one of the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. We’ve had a few bumpy moments, sending everyone to their seats. But the plane is very quiet, mostly smooth.

Once we land in Melbourne, we will have just enough time to clear customs, change terminals, find a bathroom and snag a coffee before our final flight. I can’t wait to get there, and out of this seat!

**Today’s post brought to you by my friend and fellow advocate Lisa. Thank you Lisa for helping to make this journey a reality!

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