Day 9 – Driving South for a Family Dinner

Sunday morning we were up early and on the road by 8:30 for the drive south to Hobart. When I arrived, I jokingly told Malcolm he needed to make sure the weather was perfect every day. Once again, he came through and we drove into glorious sunshine.

We stopped for a delightful breakfast at the raspberry farm at Christmas Hills near Deloraine. We had lunch at the cafe on Friday, where we enjoyed the complimentary chocolate covered raspberries. Again, Kelly and I enjoyed them before and after breakfast.

Kelly has never been to Tasmania, so we decided to drive to the east coast so she could see more of the island. The afternoon was humid, which prevented us from getting some clear views of the Freycinet Penninsula, but the sea was aquamarine and the white caps danced on the waves below us.

If you are ever in Swansea, do yourself a favor and drive up to Kate’s Berry Farm for a scoop of ice cream. If you eat it outside, you will have a spectacular view of Kate’s berry fields and the sea on the horizon. I enjoyed my salted caramel ice cream but the raspberry sorbet was also amazing. Kate was working the counter, and took some time to come over for a chat. All of the jams and chocolates they sell are made on-site. We could have purchased the entire store, but I limited myself to a container of leatherwood honey. Leatherwood only grows in Tasmania, so I had to have some to bring home.

Sunday night we had a family dinner with Malcolm and Rae’s children and grandchildren. When I lived here as an exchange student, I was thrilled to stay with Malcolm and Rae because for the first time in my life I had younger brothers! Now my “younger brothers” are grown ups with families of their own. I don’t know how this happened, as I  have yet to become a grown up!

Dinner was served with much laughter and love. I enjoyed getting to know the young ones and watching Malcolm and Rae play with their twin grandchildren was precious. That is what this trip is all about – more time making memories with those I care for.

We were all tired – even Lexi the Golden Retriever. After a long weekend, she was just as tuckered out as we were.

**Today’s post was brought to you by my friend Sharon. Sharon – thank you so much for supporting my dream and for making it possible for me to experience Tasmania once again. I appreciate your generosity!

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