The Next Two Weeks

"Flag of Australia". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia -
“Flag of Australia”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia –

Last September I started my blog with the goal of developing my writing habit. I also started blogging because I knew I would be traveling to Australia and I wanted to be able to share my journey with friends and family back home.

Fast forward six months and my date of departure is TOMORROW!!! At this time tomorrow, I will be waiting to board the first of my four flights which will take me half-way around the world.

What does that mean for DeeScribes? It means for the next two weeks, I will use this platform to share stories of my adventure. I am excited to have a way to let my loved ones, and all of you, into my experience. It’s almost as good as being able to take you with me.

When I was fundraising for this trip, I offered “blog post sponsorship” as a reward gift. This means I will be mentioning friends, family and supporters each day for the next two weeks in my posts. I appreciate everyone who made this trip a possibility, not just those I will name on this site. You are making it possible for me to share my message of living without limits with an international audience. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate to express how grateful I am.

Pack your bags, throw some cold ones in your Esky, and join me. I reckon we’ll have a fair dinkum adventure!

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