Day 1 – Travel adventures

Today is Day One of my 2015 Australia Adventure. I like giving it a name, as if it is something momentous. Because, really, it is. Twenty five years ago, people told me I’d never be able to go once. I have to be honest and admit it feels really good to be proving them wrong, yet again!

My sister Sandy brought me to the airport in Albany. Thank goodness she did because she had a Rotary pin in her purse. Guess who forgot hers at home?!

The final weight of my suitcase was less than the 50 pound weight limit required by Qantas. It is 46.5 pounds, which means I have room to bring back 3 pounds of Cadbury and a small container of Vegemite. Yeah!

My first flight took me to Baltimore. I spent a relaxing hour people watching and eating crab cakes. I have not seen another wheelchair user thus far, which I find interesting. Usually I see a few in airports. We do the “Good – your chair’s still working” smile and nod as we pass on the way to our respective gates.

My chair survived the first flight intact. Thank you Southwest Airlines! I’m not getting any compensation for endorsing them, but if you are a person with a disability who needs to fly in the USA, I encourage you to fly Southwest whenever you can. Their fleet is comprised of Boeing 737 aircraft, which means larger and unobstructed cargo bay doors. This means your large power chair fits easier than on a small regional jet.

On my flight, I observed the peanut eating behavior of my fellow passengers. I identified three major patterns:

1. The Pourer – This is the person who opens the bag and pours it into his mouth.

2. The Scooper – This is the person who pours a handful of peanuts into a mound on her hand and then scoops it into her mouth.

3. The Picker – This is the person who takes each peanut out of the bag one at a time. I have yet to see a male picker.

My friend Ros suggested a fourth option – The Sucker. This is the person who sucks the salt off the peanuts before chewing and swallowing them. I didn’t observe this on my flight, but the travel day is still young.

Right now I’m off to catch my flight to LA where I will meet my travel partner Kelly. Let’s hope the next flight is just as great as the first!

***Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of my cousin Amy. Thank you Amy for supporting this adventure! This is also the first time I’ve written and posted from my phone. I apologize for any errors I’ve missed in the editing process.

13 thoughts on “Day 1 – Travel adventures

  1. Peanut eating rituals of American airline passengers- haha, it’s like Nat Geo at the airport! (My husband is The Sccoper, and I am The Picker.) Wishing you safe travels and an amazing adventure! I look forward to reading all about it! šŸ™‚

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      • As I write this it is 6.40 am Monday Morning, so you are only 2 hours away from touchdown. 17 degrees today, so I’m wearing my hat as my head still has not acclimatised to not having hair šŸ™‚ Hope your trip was well.


  2. Omg, Dee. You are hilarious.

    I feel like I would be the type of person to also analyze people’s peanut-eating habits.

    P.S. I”m a picker.
    P.P.S. You’re on my dream trip. You’ve inspired me to go “down under” next year!

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