Everyone Loves a Snow Day

I went to bed last night thinking the predicted storm might not be so bad for us. The meteorologists were calling for heavy wet snow for the nearby Catskill, Adirondack and Berkshire mountains – over a foot. But as of 10 PM, we were only supposed to get 2-5 inches.

Here’s what it looked like at 8 AM. When my Personal Assistant left, the snow was over her shoes. Side note – she’s a gem for driving here at 5:15 AM to get me out of bed and showered on days like this. She never calls out due to snow.

My office was closed today because the building lost power due to the storm. Even though it’s been 23 years since my last days as a full-time student, I am young enough to appreciate a snow day. Especially one I did not expect!

So far, I have been fabulously lazy. For the past 4 hours all I’ve done is crochet while binge-watching episodes of Bondi Rescue on Netflix. Yes, I know, it’s crap reality TV. But it’s sunshine, blue water and Australian (mostly shirtless) life guards. When this is the current view outside, I’ll take mindless sun and surf any way I can get it!

Winter scene of heavy snow on an apartment building with cars parked in a lot.
That’s my van Clyde buried under the snow.

How about you? What’s your favorite snow day activity?

Snow Day!

Snow DayAs I said on my Facebook page today, I don’t care how old you are. When the phone rings at 6:00 AM, on a Monday no less, telling you it’s a snow day – you get excited!

I grew up in upstate New York. It snows in winter. We all know this, and we live with it. It doesn’t mean all of us like it! Sure, the trees look pretty with a new frock of fresh snow. But have you ever tried to maneuver a wheelchair through eight inches of the powdery fluff? And heavy wet snow is even worse.

Why don’t you move? Nothing is forcing you to stay in New York!

I hear these questions often. I stay because of family, and because New York provides me with a generous personal assistance program which I require to live independently.

And, if I’m being honest, because I like the occasional snow day.