Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know my older sister Sandy told me you don’t exist. It was Christmas Eve 1980 and I was getting ready for bed, asking questions about how you work your magic. She thought I was old enough to know the truth, at least her version of the truth. I’m not so sure I agree with her version though. I still believe in you, and your power to spread cheer and happiness.

This year I have tried my best to be nice, despite what you may hear from others. Not because I wanted something from you, but just because I recognize how much better I feel when I try to act like one of your elves. I don’t know how you process all of the joy which must fill your heart when you watch your kind acts touch those of us who benefit. My eyes leak tears when I’m overwhelmed and I can’t help but think your tears would freeze in the cold North Pole if you cried as much as I do.

My life has been full of many blessings this year and I really don’t need anything more this holiday season. So, my list this year is less self centered than lists of years past. I don’t know if you have joined the blogging community yet, but hopefully you will still get this in time for your elves to help you work a bit more magic. If it’s not too much, would you consider the following requests?

Comfort for those in sorrow.

Hope for those in despair.

Friendship and love for those feeling lonely.

I could write paragraphs explaining the reasons for the selections on my Christmas wish list. However, I suspect you already know how many need these gifts. You see them huddled on dirty streets or sitting alone in darkened living rooms, often contemplating choices none of us should have to make. You watch them paste on smiles to face the outside world when you know inside their heart is heavy with hurt.

Perhaps you attempted to send your elves to intervene in years past and you are fearful to do so again lest the gifts go unnoticed or unappreciated. Though most gifts are given with the best of intentions, many feel skeptical or unworthy. I know it is sometimes difficult to accept kindness from others. Please don’t give up on those who need your magic, even those who have pushed it aside in the past.

When I was younger and didn’t know how to write, my older sisters would serve as my scribes. They helped me craft letters, holding their hands over mine as I tried to sign my name at the bottom of the page under their neat writing. I am writing for myself now and find joy in sharing my words with others. My sisters continue to hold my hands, guiding me as I navigate life and I am grateful for their assistance. I think they may still believe in you a bit – even Sandy. I would be so happy if you could help make their wishes come true this year too.

I have been baking dozens of cookies for friends, and I will make sure to leave you a plate on Christmas Eve. I remember Snickerdoodles were always well received so I will put extra ones next to the milk.

Merry Christmas – safe travels!


P.S. If you have a bit of magic left after Christmas, I wouldn’t be upset if you decided to help with that trip to Australia!