30 Days of Thanks Day 24: Pie for Breakfast Day!

It’s not even 7 AM and I’m already writing my daily gratitude. Today I am thankful for pie.

I am too full to enjoy pie after our big feast on Thanksgiving. So, I save them for breakfast the next day.

This year I’m enjoying a sliver of the following pies: chocolate Nutella, raspberry (made from the raspberry plants my dad gave my sister), pumpkin marscapone, pecan and apple. What pies are you grateful for today?

30 Days of Thanks Day 20: Warm Feet

I live in the wrong part of the country for my body. Because of my poor circulation and low muscle mass, I am always cold.

OK, maybe not ALWAYS. When I’m in the therapeutic pool, or in the shower, or when I first wake up in the morning, I can feel my feet. But within ten minutes of getting out of bed, my feet are blocks of ice unless the air temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

From November through April, I usually have a fleece blanket over my lap all day long in an attempt to maintain feeling in my legs and feet. Most days, I’m lucky if my feet don’t completely freeze before I get to work.

The cold makes it more difficult for me to move. The pain of cold feet makes me more cranky. I tell everyone, “I’m pretty much miserable from November through April.”

Sure, I could move to another area. But there are many good reasons to stay. Reasons like good home and community based services, family, and my support network. So I stay and do my best to be as warm as possible.

Today, I had warm feet for almost the entire day! Not because it was warm here, but because I was able to shut myself in my office under my blankets.

Warm feet may not seem like a good reason to write a gratitude post. However, it’s the best reason I have tonight.

30 Days of Thanks Day 16: Backup Personal Assistants

It is 9:37 PM right now as I sit writing this post on my phone. I am in the foyer of a local banquet hall, waiting for my paratransit bus. I requested a 9 PM pick up and it was scheduled for 9:25.

Here’s the thing with paratransit. I can only be 5 minutes late. But they can be up to 25 minutes late and still be considered “on time.”

At 8:27 PM, as I was eating dessert at the event, my Personal Assistant sent me a text asking if I could find someone to cover her 10 PM shift. She isn’t feeling well.

Thankfully, one of my other Personal Assistants lives just five minutes from my house and is willing to meet me when I get home so I can pee and go to bed.

The bus just pulled up at 9:43 and with any luck I’ll be home by 10:20. I can hear my bed calling me.

Tonight I am grateful for backup Personal Assistants who come in on short notice so I can pee and go to bed.

30 Days of Thanks Day 14: Sudafed

For several days, I have been feeling a cold or sinus infection coming on. Each day, my head has felt increasingly stuffy. My throat has gotten more sore.

Last night I gave in and took night time cold medicine. I slept like a log for 8 blissful hours. Then I woke up when my alarm went off at 5:10 AM.

My head felt like it was going to explode. But since I didn’t have a fever, I got up and got ready for the pool. Knowing I faced a long day, I asked my Personal Assistant to dig out the “12 hour amp you up Sudafed.”

It’s not the name-brand medication, but it works! My day was made possible thanks to this medication. I went to the pool, work, a doctor appointment, back to work and then back home.

Now the medication has worn off and I’m ready to take another night time pill. I’m grateful for better living through pharmaceuticals today!

I’m more grateful for my bed, but I’ve already used that for one of these posts.

30 Days of Thanks Day 13: Pizza with a Good Friend

A couple of weeks ago my friend Crystal sent me an email asking if I had plans for November 13th. She was going to be passing through my city. Would I be able to meet for dinner and/or breakfast?

Of course I said yes before I checked my calendar. Thankfully when I did check, I didn’t have anything else planned.

This is my second visit from Crystal in as many months – a real treat since we don’t live in the same country. Granted, the Canadian border is only about three hours away. But when you haven’t really driven in almostĀ  two years, even a three hour drive can seem like the other side of the world.

Tonight Crystal and I shared a pizza in my new apartment. We laughed, we expressed anger and frustration, we hugged. In other words, it was a fantastic visit.

Tonight I am grateful for good friends like Crystal who are willing to share pizza at my cluttered dining room table.

Photo of a statue of a man sitting on the back of a park bench, typing on an open laptop computer. Next to him is an open bag from McDonald's with fries and a burger. While he is absorbed in his computer, a squirrel is climbing up the back of the bench with the a hamburger bun in his mouth. Two women are seated near the statue. A woman in a pink dress sits in a wheelchair in front of the bench. Seated next to the statue on the back of the bench is a blond woman wearing a black and white polka dot shirt.
My friend Crystal and I visiting Montreal a couple of years ago.