30 Days of Thanks Day 4: Proctors

Eight years ago, my friends Stacey, Eric, and I bought subscriptions to Proctors Theater for their Broadway Series. Proctors is located in Schenectady, just fifteen miles from my town. Going to see touring Broadway shows is easier and (usually) less expensive than going to New York City. A few years ago my friend Ronda joined us.

The four of us have seen some amazing shows and performances. That tradition continued today when we went to see Fun Home, the play based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel. If you get the chance to see this show when it comes to your town, you should go. The cast is talented and you’ll find yourself singing the “Fun Home” commercial all the way home. At least, that’s what happened to me.

Today I am grateful again for the opportunity to celebrate musical theater with good friends. I appreciate the opportunity to attend live performances in a beautiful, historic building close to home. I’m already looking forward to the next show!

Photo of a Playbill cover with the logo for the play "Fun Home."

30 Days of Thanks Day 2: My Partner In Cute

My best friend Stephanie is more like my sixth sister than a friend. I often tell people she’s the sister I got to pick for myself. God gave me 5, and then let me have one more. Stephanie is that one.

She is the reason for most of my laughter and happiness this past week. Let’s be honest – I don’t laugh as much with anyone else. She always says others must feel like they are watching a cartoon when they watch the two of us.

Ten years ago we created SADWIN (Stephanie and Denise Wicked in New York). Ten years and ten New York City shows later, and we don’t have plans to stop anytime soon!

Stephanie was responsible for our SADWIN shirts this year. She did a fantastic job incorporating all ten shows with creativity and fun.

30 Days of Thanks Day 1: Hamilton

Last year, when life was throwing me more stress than I could manage, I decided I needed a reason to be happy. I needed a future positive event to anticipate.

Musical theater has always been my escape and for the past two years the original cast recording of Hamilton has been helping improve my mood on an almost daily basis. I told my best friend Stephanie that I was going to search for a way to see the show – preferably a way that did not involve us spending $700 each to see the show.

So, when I found accessible seats at Hamilton available for less than $200 each I purchased the tickets. True, the date of the performance was almost a year away, but we got Hamilton tickets for less than $200 per person!!!!!

We have been counting down to Hamilton for almost a year – 355 days to be exact. Slowly the number has been dwindling down until finally November 1 arrived!

Today, I am thankful for Hamilton. That sentence does not even begin to express how grateful I am. But I’m writing this on my phone on the train home from New York City and I am too tired to find the right words to express how I feel.

Something Not Rotten At All!

If you are a regular reader, you know I love Broadway musicals. For me, there is nothing like escaping from reality for three hours while a talented group of musicians and actors transports you to another world where people burst into spontaneous song and dance.

Some friends and I have been season ticket holders for the Broadway Series at a local theater for several years. We have seen great performances without needing to take the three hour train ride to New York City. Each year, we speculate about what shows might be featured in the coming season. As soon as we heard about Something Rotten! we put it on our list of “must sees” and hoped the tour would stop here. So we were all excited last year when it was announced that Something Rotten! would be part of this year’s offerings. I had hoped to see the show in New York City, but knew that wasn’t going to be possible once I broke my leg last year and travel became more difficult.

Because things have been very busy these past two months, and since I spent most of December withdrawn from the world due to my father’s death, I missed much of the publicity about the show. I also did not take any time to research the cast or read reviews, something I normally do. I knew the show would be funny, based on this sneak peek from the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That was all I really needed to know.

Since I did not pay attention to any of the pre-show press, I was surprised when I entered the theater and saw Adam Pascal’s name on the cast list. To say I have had a mild infatuation with Adam for more than twenty years is like saying some cats like catnip. Not sure who Adam Pascal is? Maybe you’ve heard of a little musical from the mid-1990’s called Rent? You know, the one with the the song upon which I based Thursday’s blog post? Yeah – that show! Adam was the original Roger. He’s since gone on to star in other shows, such as Aida, Memphis and Disaster!

Let me put aside my obsession feelings toward Adam and offer my opinion on the show. It was FUNNY! You don’t have to be a Broadway musical geek to enjoy the show. But if you are? You’ll love it! I tried to count the many musical and lyrical references to other musicals and gave up after thirteen. Cats, Evita, The Fantasticks, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Sweeny Todd, Rent, South Pacific, Annie – the list goes on and on. I know I missed things because I was laughing, which only makes me want to see it again. If the show is coming to your city, I recommend you go. Three hours of fun and laughter, song and dance, plus a hot man who can sing who struts around with his shirt open for part of the show! Who can’t use that right now?!

While I loved the show, the highlight of my day happened after the final curtain. Knowing we had time to wait before the bus home, I told my friends I was going to try to get to the stage door for an autograph. Believe it or not I have only waited at the stage door after a show once before – when my friend Lauren’s brother Matt Meigs was in town with the tour of Mary Poppins. (Matt is currently performing in Holiday Inn and you should absolutely go and see the show if you are in New York!)

I held back as the crowds cleared the lobby outside the stage door, scoping my best course of action. After a few minutes, it became clear who was still trying to get out of the theater and who was waiting for autographs. I stealthily rolled around the crowd, doing my best to avoid running over toes while gradually inching my way between people until I was at the front, to the right of the stage door. I was just in time because once I got into prime position, the door opened and the first cast member walked out.

I waited patiently, preserving my space by occasionally moving my feet from side to side so nobody stepped in front of me. Then Adam came out and was greeted with loud acclaim. I was the first person he saw before people started shoving Playbills in his face. He autographed Playbills for everyone, graciously accepting their compliments and posing for photos as he turned towards me. When it was my turn, I simply smiled and handed over my Playbill as he leaned over and said, “Let me take care of this young lady.” Swoon!

He continued to stand next to me, signing Playbills and taking photos, thanking everyone for coming. I told him there was no way I could move out of his way because of the crowd.  “Oh, no, don’t move. You’re helping to give me space!”

Who said a wheelchair wasn’t useful?! I totally played the disabled card to get to the door, and it worked! When he was done, I moved out of the center of the crowd, which gave him a path so he could get to other people. Free from the crush, I finally brought out my phone and asked for a photo – which is how this came to be.

Selfie of a white man with blond hair and goatee next to a white woman with glasses and brown hair. The pair are smiling and are back-lit by hallway fluorescent lights.

Sure, the lighting is not perfect. But I got a photo! This theater geek is a happy girl indeed.

Sometimes, when we meet the people we admire, we are disappointed because they don’t behave the way we think they will. Or, perhaps they are rushed for time or having a bad day and the encounter is not what we wished for. Yesterday, I had the best celebrity encounter I could have imagined. Adam was kind, generous, gracious and appeared genuinely appreciative of the fans who waited to meet him.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go listen to the Something Rotten! soundtrack yet again to see if I can catch more of those musical references. Feel free to stay and drool over that smile for as long as you like!


My bestest best friend Stephanie and I love Broadway musicals. We quote them regularly. We sing showtunes whenever we feel the moment needs music. We believe the world would be a better place if there were spontaneous song and dance numbers sporadically scattered throughout the day.

So in 2007, we decided it was time to form Stephanie and Denise Wicked in New York, or SADWIN. SADWIN is all about music, laughter and fun in New York City. That first year, we saw Wicked and Avenue Q. Over the years we have seen some great shows – such as Boeing, Boeing; Rent; The Book of Mormon and [title of show]. We still wax poetically about the afternoon I convinced her we NEEDED to see Broadway legends Elaine Stritch and Bernadette Peters in A Little Night Music. It was magical.

If we could go see a show every other weekend, we would. But life gets in the way. So we try for once a year instead, and even then we aren’t always successful. It has been at least two years since our last SADWIN trip, which is far too long.

I called her at the end of September. “Stephanie, what are you doing October 24? I don’t have to work. I think we need to see a show.”

It didn’t take much arm twisting. SADWIN ’15 was on!

Saturday we boarded the 7:10 AM train at the Albany/Rensselaer station. It was a perfect autumn morning in upstate New York. The rich colors of the fall leaves sparkled in the mist rising off the Hudson in the early morning light. The blue sky was a perfect backdrop to the colorful Catskill mountains. If you have to travel between New York City and Albany, the train is the most picturesque way to go.

Photo of the Hudson River taken from a moving train. The far bank of the river has autumn colored trees. There are wispy clouds in the sky.
The train trip along the Hudson River is beautiful in October.

After brunch with my friend David, we took a quick walk up to Central Park before heading to the Imperial Theater. This year’s SADWIN show was Les Misérables. While we usually see new-ish shows, Stephanie had never seen Les Miz (EVER!) and I pleaded with her to pick this show because I knew she would love it. I had a selfish reason for picking Les Miz too. Alfie Boe is currently starring as Jean Valjean and I have a bit of a crush on him am in awe of his voice.

Photo of two women in front of a Broadway theater. Both have brown hair and are wearing glasses and smiling. They are posed in front of signs for Les Miserables.
Getting ready for this year’s SADWIN show!

The production did not disappoint. The sets, inspired by Victor Hugo’s paintings, are evocative. The score is full of anthems as well as tender moments. The audience roared with applause after a rousing “Do You Hear the People Sing” and silently sniffled through “Bring Him Home.” Montego Glover, who was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in Memphis, was perfect in projecting Fantine’s fear and devotion to her daughter, Cosette. Brennyn Lark, who is making her Broadway debut as Éponine, has a beautiful voice and made “On My Own” one of the highlights of the show. I think as she grows as an actor, she will get other parts and we will be hearing more from her. Gavin Lee, who was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in Mary Poppins, was a charming and conniving Thénardier. And Alfie. Oh, Alfie. He could sing the phone book and I would swoon. Everyone, even the men seated behind us who were dragged to the show by their wives, was crying at the end of “Bring Him Home.”

The first time I saw Les Miz on tour back in the mid-1990’s, I cried for almost the entire second half. The second time I saw the show (also on tour two years ago) I only cried during “Bring Him Home.” This time I teared up at the end of the first act, and then cried again for most of the second half after Éponine died. I was not alone. Be prepared with tissues if you go see it.

Once Stephanie and I dried our eyes, we decided to head towards Times Square. Neither of us are big fans of walking through Times Square on a Saturday evening. But for convenience, we decided to avoid the tour buses on Eighth Avenue and cut across to the Broadway pedestrian walkway. Stephanie noticed a crowd gathering on Broadway and stopped when she realized it was the Naked Cowboy.

In our multiple trips to New York City, we have seen many street performers. We often stop to watch musicians and dancers. But until Saturday, somehow we never encountered the Naked Cowboy. Stephanie turned around to take a photo and I wheeled over to the curb to see what was happening. That was when he saw me.

Photo of a woman seated in a wheelchair next to a man wearing only a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. The man has a guitar strapped to his body, making it look like he is naked. His hat and boots have the words "Naked Cowboy" printed on them in red and blue letters. The man's leg is up across the woman's lap and she is holding it. They are in Times Square in New York City, in front of brightly lit electronic billboards.
Honestly, HE approached ME!

Upon spotting me, the Naked Cowboy (whose name is Robert Burck) came over and said, “Let’s take a picture!” Before I knew it, his hand was on the back of my chair and his leg was in my lap. In our brief exchange I learned he was not cold, even though he was essentially naked and I was all bundled up. I apologized for my cold hands on his leg, to which he replied, “Aw, honey, don’t you worry. Those hands will feel good on my butt!”

To prove the point, he turned his butt towards Stephanie and the camera, and reached behind me as I doubled over in laughter. Thank you Stephanie for capturing the moment.

After capturing the photos, we had a brief sixty second conversation about disability, wheelchairs, and his personal history with disability. There is more to the Naked Cowboy than a guitar, boots and Fruit of the Loom underwear. I actually wish we could have had a more in-depth discussion, perhaps with him in some additional clothing.

Photo of a woman in wheelchair bent forward laughing. A man is standing next to her, away from the camera. He is wearing a pair of underwear with the words "Naked Cowboy" printed on them in red and blue paint. He is leaning over her, with his hand on her backside.
I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

Stephanie and I walked back to Penn Station, stopping for frequent breaks as we had several laughing fits which brought us to tears.

The Naked Cowboy’s sweat is on my glasses!

He had his leg on your lap!

Dude – it looks like your head is in his armpit!

Your face is priceless!

Seriously, who has more fun than us?!

Nobody. Nobody has more fun than us.

Well, perhaps other bestest best friends do. Isn’t that what bestest best friends are for? They make us laugh with one glance or one word. They know all of our vulnerabilities and faults, and yet they love us anyway. They cry with us at musicals, laugh with us when street performers make us part of the act, and cry with us again when we can’t stop laughing at our silliness.

At least, that’s what my bestest best friend does. Both Stephanie and I have said we feel sorry for those who don’t have a “Denise” or a “Stephie” in their lives. Everyone deserves such a blessing.

Thank you Stephanie for another amazing adventure. I am already looking forward to SADWIN ’16. Next time, you get to pick the show!