30 Days of Thanks Day 27: Flannel Sheets

It is starting to get cold at night here in upstate New York. That means it’s time for the flannel sheets to come out.

I can’t move in bed if I have a lot of weight on my body. But I love to be warm. Flannel sheets are the perfect answer because they provide great warmth without extra weight.

Tonight I will be crawling into a bed made with penguin flannel sheets for the first time this season. Yes, I own penguin flannel sheets. Multiple sets if you want to know the truth.

You got a problem with a 44 year old spinster sleeping in a bed made with flannel sheets with penguins on them?! At least I don’t have cats!


30 Days of Thanks Day 10: Rest

It is 9:33 PM EST and I am heading to bed. This is the first weekend since August that I have nothing planned.

No work. No family obligations. No outings with friends. No volunteer commitments.

You know what I have planned?

Rest. Starting now.

And I am SO grateful.