30 Days of Thanks Day 28: New Appliances

Aside from this past year when I lived with my friend, I have never been able to do laundry without paying for it at a laundromat or my apartment complex laundry room. But, my new apartment has washer and dryer hook-ups!

I suspect most women in my demographic (college educated, employed full-time, mid-40’s) have already purchased their first major appliance by now. Shopping for and purchasing a new washer and dryer seemed like a very grown up task!

Today, my new washer and dryer were delivered and installed. I’ve done two loads of laundry – or rather, my Personal Assistant did two loads of my laundry. Already I am excited about how much more my staff will be able to complete in a shift by not needing to walk to another building to do laundry.

Tonight, I am grateful for the conveniences new appliances bring to my world.

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