30 Days of Thanks Day 19: Completed Crochet!

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how I never finished crochet projects. Really, it was about prioritizing time, but really it was about my frustrations over not crocheting.

Last week, even though I have a living room full of boxes to still unpack, I started crocheting a new shawl. I bought new yarn last spring but had not done anything with it and was eager to get my hands into something. It doesn’t matter that there are at least 20 crochet projects  in my  apartment in various stages of development. I wanted to use THIS yarn.

Thanks to a day-long meeting and the six hour defensive driving course spread over two afternoon, I finally completed a crochet project!

Well, nearly done. I still have to sew in the ends and block it.

Right now, I am just grateful for time to crochet and finish a project. And thankful for my Personal Assistant who was willing to model it so I could show all of you.

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