30 Days of Thanks Day 12: Massage

I used to work in a large building with several offices. I hated most of life in the cube farm. The one thing I loved was my weekly massage.

Alyssa, my massage therapist, came to the building once a week to give chair massages. For twenty minutes every Wednesday around 1:00, I would sit in bliss as she slowly tried to work the stiffness from my neck and shoulders.

As I was preparing to leave that job for my current employer, I lamented to Alyssa that our weekly visits would be what I missed most after I left. Her reply filled me with joy and hope.

You know, I do make house calls.

So, for the past five years, Alyssa has come to my house once a month for an hour-long massage. Last year when I was in the hospital, she came to visit me. Her gentle touch helped relieve some of the swelling in my feet and toes.

Today was massage day, and boy did I need it! I’m not just saying that. Alyssa kept mentioning it too as she found new areas needing work.

I told her I was going to make her my daily gratitude, because she is by far the best thing that happened to me today. Thanks for helping me feel better for so long Alyssa. I’m grateful for your talented hands, but more appreciative of our friendship.

Two open hands with red palms.
Alyssa’s hands after a massage.

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