30 Days of Thanks Day 17 – Sally (and Her Family)

Last year, I thanked my friend Sally as part of my 30 Days of Thanks. You can read about our friendship in this post. Sally, along with her entire family, deserve a mention this year because I would not be where I am today without their friendship, support, and assistance.

After the x-ray confirmed that my leg was broken and I was admitted to a unit in the hospital, my sister Sandy sat by my bed and asked if she should contact anyone else. She had already called my parents, sisters and Personal Assistants. She cocked her head and asked if she should call Sally. It was approaching the time of night when most people get ready for bed and I knew Sally would drop whatever she was doing when she heard I was in the hospital, so I asked Sandy to wait until morning.

Sure enough, Sally came the next day – and every day after that for the duration of my 14 day hospital stay. When Sally couldn’t make it, her twin sister came to visit. They assisted the nursing staff with positioning me in bed, completing bed baths, eating meals, and getting on and off the bed pan. Sally and her sister are nurses, and they queried the nursing staff regarding medication and treatments when I was sleeping or too spaced out on pain medication to remember. Sally slept in my room for several nights before the hospital provided bed controls I could independently operate.

Sally and her sister work in hospital settings and know small things can make a world of difference. They brought me real tissues, face cleansing cloths, and lotions. On the night my appetite finally returned after a week and a half, Sally smuggled in a burger and fries then helped me sit upright on the side of the bed for the first time so I could feed myself.

When it was time to move to the rehabilitation hospital, Sally was there to accompany me on the transition. She went to my apartment to gather clothes, toiletries and my tablet, watered my plants, and brought me all the packages and mail which had accumulated at home over two weeks. Did I mention that Sally started a brand new job while I was in the hospital, and still managed to find time to do all this?

I needed to have someone stay with me at night for the first few days at home, and once again Sally was there. She spent the next three nights at my apartment with me as I adjusted to my new normal. Sally helped me train my Personal Assistants on new transfer techniques. She was an extra pair of hands the first time they attempted to help me in and out of the shower.

Knowing that I faced an unexpected absence from work, and unplanned expenses related to purchasing new durable medical equipment, Sally’s husband coordinated efforts to assist with financial burdens. These gifts, which surprised and humbled me, made it possible for me to concentrate on recuperation without the anxiety of meeting my regular living expenses.

Within a month of being at home, I realized I would need to move out of my apartment to a location closer to public transportation. I started to pack using boxes provided by Sally’s sister. Sally and her family helped with every aspect of my move – painting my new bedroom walls, packing and moving boxes, cleaning my old apartment, and unpacking my belongings at my new place. Sally’s nieces carried boxes. Sally drove the U-Haul truck. Sally’s husband drove more of my belongings in his truck and carried furniture into my new place. If you ever need to move, Sally and her family are pros!

Sally and her family have made it possible for me to move forward this year when I might have otherwise struggled. Their continual help has been a blessing. I am grateful they have welcomed me into their hearts, and appreciate all they have done to ensure I am able to remain independent in the community.


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks Day 17 – Sally (and Her Family)

  1. Denise, I was able to see Sally, and meet her sister when we came up for a visit. They helped take Mom and Dad down to get a bite to eat and gave me directions to somewhere. How wonderful to have friends you can call on like that. Thank you Sally, from all of us in Denise’s family, and God bless you all.


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