Why I am an Ally

I am an ally because of:

  • Alex – who is kind and loyal
  • David – who is always there to offer support and encouragement, and unconditional love (except for that one night in college when my friend and I called him to help us after we discovered $1.50 pitcher night at a local dive bar and drank more than we should have – but we forgave him.)
  • George – a forever friend who is teaching us about determination and resilience as he continues to recuperate from a serious health crisis
  • Kelly – who courageously lives her life on her own terms
  • Bill – who taught me the importance of saying thank you today to the people who have influenced your life, before time runs out
  • Andy – who changes tears of sadness to tears of laughter with what most would consider inappropriate jokes
  • Tony – who made me start singing again after a two year silence
  • Al – a teacher to many, in and out of his classroom
  • Kevin – my confidant and playmate at many childhood family gatherings
  • Tom – who fearlessly chased his dream across country and is living large, proving wrong all those who doubted (I never doubted!)
  • Dominick – who has helped me become a stronger advocate through his actions and example
  • Becky – who encourages me with her creativity and optimism
  • Howard – who answered the questions of a naive college undergraduate who was struggling to be a good ally (I hope I’m doing better!)
  • Andrew – who brings #deliciouslydisabled to people each and every day
  • Joe – who manages to surprise me with Facebook comments just when I need a smile
  • Sue – who sang harmony with me for staff birthday sing-alongs at Riverview (which is not along the river, and has no views)
  • Amanda – who inspires me with her success at reaching personal milestones
  • Sam – who teaches me to be a stronger writer by sharing his experiences with honesty and vulnerability
  • Liz – who always makes meetings more fun with her wit and dry sense of humor

I am an ally because everyone deserves to live their lives free from fear, with dignity and respect.

I am an ally because I know what it feels like to be discriminated due to the way you were born, a part you cannot change, the part which makes you uniquely who you are, the part others cannot accept even though you embrace it as your identity.

I am an ally because I was taught to love others as I have been loved, not to hate.

Love is love.

And the world needs more love.
Photo of a hand with painted nails. Each nail is a different color of the rainbow with the thumb being red and pinky being blue.


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