My Go-To Tunes: Earworms

Earworm: a catchy song or tune that runs continuously through a person’s mind

It started earlier today in a Facebook group message with my friends Tonia and Roslynn. In the middle of a discussion about disillusionment (say those three words together fast – it’s fun!), Roslynn typed:

Ruined for life.

And I’ll have you know FB autocorrected ruined to rhinestone.

That’s all it took. The earworm was there, stuck in my brain on auto-play.

For five hours now, I have been singing “Rhinestone Cowboy.” Yes, that classic country song written by Larry Weiss and released in 1975 by Glenn Campbell.

In my head. The. Entire. Afternoon.

What makes it worse is that it’s not just the chorus stuck in my head. Oh no! I have been singing the entire song in my head. Over and over.

You see, this song used to be a favorite of mine – when I was three or four years old. I had an orange plastic rocking horse with blue hair. I named him Filbert. I rode Filbert in my red plaid shirt, blue jeans and cowboy hat, singing along with “Rhinestone Cowboy” as it played on the stereo in my parent’s living room. I knew all the words. I’ve always been good at remembering song lyrics.

So, today all it took was the prompt from Roslynn to start the tune. I tried to get rid of it by introducing other music. I pulled up my ‘No Holiday’ playlist on my iPod thinking I could ride the stupid sparkling cowboy off my mental range. Sting, Carole King, Sheryl Crow, Bruce Springsteen, Midnight Oil, New Order, Pearl Jam – yes, that is what played. I have eclectic tastes.

None of those other songs worked. It’s still there.

What do you do when an earworm refuses to leave? You share it!

Don’t thank me. Thank Roslynn.



8 thoughts on “My Go-To Tunes: Earworms

      • My brother and I also loved that song when we were kids.

        My favorite line from the sing was “getting cards and letters from people I don’t even know.” We had a whole skit we acted out: we’d pretend to open a card or letter and say, who’s this from? Then we’d yell out a crazy name, or the name of a person we didn’t know. For some reason, “Richard Dawson” (a minor celebrity who was on the Match Game TV show that we watched) was a favorite for this.

        Thanks for the memories!


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