Redefining Disability Challenge Takes a Sick Day

Each Wednesday, I post my response to a question from the Redefining Disability Challenge. But today I have nothing to share.

For the past five days, I have been home sick with a bad cold which morphed into a sinus and ear infection. I have spent the days being miserable, sitting wrapped in blankets, trying to sleep (which is REALLY difficult when you have congestion and rely on a BiPap).

I am a terrible patient when I am sick. But I took advice from other advocates and did what I had to do to feel better. I’m working on my self-care routines this year and never expected I’d have a reason to practice right away.

The next question in the challenge deals with disability and the media, and requires more attention and energy than I have had this past week. So, I will publish my response next Wednesday.

I am feeling better and might actually leave my house today!



9 thoughts on “Redefining Disability Challenge Takes a Sick Day

  1. So glad you’re on the mend. In your usual well-thought-out, plan-making way, you timed this perfectly. If you’ve got to be ill, better to do it in winter so you don’t miss out on any glorious weather in the spring, eh? Take it easy over there and enjoy a little downtime till you’re completely through this.


  2. Sometimes I believe there is merit in wallowing in misery when you have a cold or flu – just for a day or so. By sinking low in your own expectations, you feel doubly better when you lift yourself out of the mental (brought on by the physical) slump. As I type this I imagine you are better now than you were yesterday and so it will go – slowly. Get well soon.


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