Samantha Turns 1!

I am on vacation this week, spending time at my sister Caroline’s house – or “the inn on the hill” as we call it. I spent Christmas week at her house last year too. The break from my normal routine allows me to relax and reconnect with friends and family. It also serves to remind me that I am not a dog person.

I know, many of you ARE dog people. That is your preference, and I respect it.

You probably like having dogs lick your face at 5:30 AM, telling you they need to go outside. You probaby enjoy when your dog rubs up against your dress black pants and leaves slobber marks down your leg for all to see. You may even enjoy having toys covered in dog drool dropped in your lap while you are trying to read or write.

I do not. I like visiting people who have dogs. Then I like going home where I don’t have the responsibility of a pet.

Caroline has three dogs – Molly, Walter and Samantha. Molly and Walter are large German Shepherds. They are smart, intuitive, and loyal. Samantha is, well, she is Samantha.Photo of a brindle old English bulldog laying with a tennis ball between her front paws.

Last year at Christmas, Samantha, an old English bulldog, was just an eight weeks old puppy- tiny, soft and able to fit on my lap in a cute bundle. Watching her play with the older and bigger dogs provided hours of entertainment. She inspired one of my most popular posts where I shared how to live like a puppy.

Now Samantha is one year old and no longer fits in my lap. She still plays with Molly, but it is fairly evident Walter thinks he is above such nonsense. One of her favorite games is to hook her toy on my wheelchair and try to tug it. It is pretty fun to watch her attempt to drag my 250 pound chair across the floor. It’s more fun to watch her go sliding across the floor when the toy unexpectedly comes loose.

So, this week I will play with an energentic one year old Samantha in between reading, writing, crocheting and visiting friends. She still lives like a puppy and I will do my best to follow her lead.Photo of Samantha, a 1 year old brindle old English bulldog, laying on top of Molly, a 3 year old German Shepherd.

Until it’s nap time.  Then I’ll see if Molly will let me use her for a pillow like Samantha does.


6 thoughts on “Samantha Turns 1!

  1. You’ve just perfectly described how I feel about children! I love to visit places where they live, but then I love to go home without them! 🙂 I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday week relaxing and visiting!


  2. Dogs eh? Yes they do all those things you mentioned. But they are such wonderful friends when no human company is available. I had a dog-sort of inherited from my son when he left home. She was a great companion to me until she died at age 12 after an injury. I didn’t expect to miss her furry brown face so much, asking me to go for a walk, dancing round in glee when I came out to work in the garden, lying quietly at my feet as I sat in the courtyard reading, just being there all the time and obviously thinking I was the greatest thing in her life! What an ego boost!

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