30 Days of Thanks Day 13 – Ulla

I started my 30 Days of Thanks this month intending to not repeat any posts about friends I wrote about last year. But, events today made it difficult for me to finish my intended post, so I am taking a shortcut.

I wrote about my friend Ulla last year during 30 Days of Thanks. I also wrote about her when I described my time in Sydney.

Ulla is one of the friends who made this trip to Australia a reality. She supported my financially, and she also made it possible for Kelly and I to stay in Sydney for two days before returning to the USA.

If you didn’t read about my friendship with Ulla before, please read about what a great person she is. And know that our time together was brilliant, fun and full of laughter.

Thank you again Ulla for always remembering to make me enjoy the moment, for sacrificing time and money to spend time with me, and for so many memories.Two women are posed in front of the Sydney Opera House. One woman has brown hair and is wearing glasses and a green shirt, seated in a red wheelchair. The other woman has blond hair and is wearing glasses and a blue sweater.

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