Looking Ahead

Tomorrow is November 1. I don’t know how it is upon us so quickly. It seems like it was just here!

Once again, I will be using this blog to participate in 30 Days of Thanks throughout November. In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. 30 Days of Thanks started as a way for people to express gratitude on more than just one day. I participated in 30 Days of Thanks using my Facebook account until I had a blog. Last year I wrote profiles of friends and family members – thank you notes expressing why they are so important in my life.

By far, the most momentous event in my life this past year was my trip to Australia. Many people supported my travel with gifts and donations. Without their help and generosity, the trip would not have happened.

When I was raising funds for the trip, I promised to write a personalized memoir for those donors. So, I plan to use my 30 Days of Thanks this year to recognize some of the people who made my dream a reality.

I have obtained permission from everyone I will profile. There are others who made donations towards my trip who do not wish me to share their thank you on my blog. I am respecting their wishes and will send them personal notes. Unfortunately, there are only thirty days in November and I need more days to thank everyone individually. I have contacted those supporters who will not be profiled over the next thirty days due to space or prior profiles last year, and they know I am not snubbing them by not including them on the blog this year.

How blessed I am to have so many people to thank! This is really a wonderful “problem” to face. I am surrounded by love and humbled by the generosity so many extended to me this past year.

While I am sharing my thank you’s this month, I will not be writing any Redefining Disability Challenge posts. Those posts will resume on Wednesdays in December.

I often hear people grumble and complain about the need to write thank you notes. However, I view them as a gift for the giver. And I love giving unique gifts, so I enjoy writing them. I appreciate all of you who will take the time to read my notes over the next month, and encourage you to make time to offer some thanks to those who matter in your world.



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