Thanks 41!

Tomorrow I will be forty-two. I am excited about another birthday. When I wake on Monday morning, it will mean I have another chance to do my best, another opportunity to tell the ones I love how much they mean to me, another day to be grateful for this miracle called life.

Five months before my fortieth birthday, I almost lost my chance to have any additional birthdays. Complications from what should have been routine surgery brought me the closest I have ever come to death. Upon awaking from my coma, I promised myself I would celebrate all future days – especially birthdays.

Forty was FABULOUS! I threw a fun party with family and friends, and pledged to stop letting fear hold me back from pursuing my purpose. That year I fell in and out of love for the second time in my life, rediscovered writing and accepted my first paid speaking job. I spent time exploring parks and historical sights around my community. I rekindled relationships with Rotarians from my past and received the invitation to return to Australia – setting the stage for the year ahead.

And what am AMAZING year forty-one has been!



Being published in a local anthology featuring writers with disabilities.

Woman in a wheelchair on a stage in front of flags from the US, China and Spain. She is wearing an orange skirt, a floral blouse, glasses and a lapel microphone.
One of my most amazing moments this year was speaking at the Rotary District 9830 OneCare District Conference in Tasmania, Australia. Photo courtesy of P. Jack.

Did I mention Australia?

Sure, there were challenges. My wheelchair broke down. My personal care team went through transition. I had a reminder about priorities when neighbors faced tragedy. But forty-one was by far one of the best years I have had.

I am profoundly grateful to have been given so much this year when many I know and love are struggling and facing despair. I am not sharing this post because I want to brag about the blessings in my world. I am not sharing it because I want to appear as if my life is “better” than anyone else’s life.

I share the gratitude I feel with all of you because your support, friendship, and love made forty-one so incredible. Your kindness and generosity, your comments when I was feeling frustrated, and your encouragement made a difference in how I approached this year. Because you believed in me, I was able to help people through my writing and my speaking. And helping others has been the best gift this year.

So, as I prepare to celebrate another birthday, I will say a prayer of thanks for all of you who take the time to bring joy and happiness to my world. I can’t wait to see what forty-two has in store.

I have a hunch it will be BRILLIANT!



23 thoughts on “Thanks 41!

    • Thank you! While I am not advocating a near-death experience for anyone, it did make a difference in how I approached 40. I was just so grateful to have another birthday so the number really didn’t matter. I hope you find the same joy without having to experience the coma! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Fantastic attitude! I have found that I look forward to each year more than the last, too. I just 44 this year, and I have never had any misgivings over grower older. So much more to do and to see! Happiest of birthdays to you! Here’s to your brilliant year ahead!


  2. You have certainly inspired me to be mindful of the moment I’m in. And to not be as fearful of things that I used to hesitate about. I KNOW this coming year will be great! Happy birthday- your card will be late😞


    • I am glad you are being mindful, and I hope you were very mindful for the past couple of weeks. Kudos to you for facing fears. You’re sending a card? I’ll forget and I’ll be really excited when it gets here! πŸ™‚


  3. Yay! for birthdays every one!
    I am enjoying this part of my eightieth and am very grateful to be that age!
    Every day is a real bonus and brings me many pleasant things to do and enjoy.
    The number of years doesn’t matter does it? It’s how we face them and use them that counts.
    I hope the next one and all that follow are good ones for you!


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