Day 365

Tomorrow, September 7, will mark the one year anniversary of DeeScribes. Today is the 365th day of my renewed writing adventure. Aside from January 24 when I spent the day having an adventure with my friend Tara, I have written at least 500 words per day for a complete year. Knowing this milestone was approaching, I have been reflecting on the past twelve months and all I have learned since I started sharing my writing dreams on a public platform.

Thanks to the Broadway musical Rent, I know a year consists of five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. We mark the passage of those minutes in many ways. Twelve months, four seasons, one birthday – all ways to mark time.

You can measure a year in numbers. Thanks to the WordPress statisticians, I know the past year for DeeScribes has consisted of 173 posts, 4,342 visitors and 223 followers. Not bad for someone who was scared to publicly admit her writing dreams prior to last September.

But while I kept an eye on the numbers from time to time, I have never been too concerned about them. To me they are not an indicator of success. Instead, I have measured success in the number of authentic interactions I have had with fellow bloggers and my readers.

I am thrilled to have a small audience of regular followers. Their comments provide encouragement and make me consider different viewpoints daily. I am appreciative of the meaningful interactions with so many of you, my faithful readers. You have supported me when I tried new challenges or techniques. You have welcomed me into your lives and I am richer for the experience of our virtual interactions.

Writing a blog has given me a new network of peers. I traveled internationally twice during the past year and both times I had the privilege of meeting fellow bloggers I now consider friends. Each day I learn something new from the online community at My 500 Words. I have realized I am not alone in my fears related to sharing my work and discovered new ways to be productive during stressful times. I am encouraging other writers who are struggling to find their voices, celebrating their accomplishments as they respond in kind to mine.

I am grateful for the connections I have made with other bloggers in the disability community. Each one of them uses their platform to advocate for change, forcing me to explore my own feelings towards issues which matter to me on a personal level. I am honored to have new relationships with writers who produce work I had previously read. I am still blown away by events which happened in December when a mutual online friend helped me connect with the amazing Stella Young just three days before her unexpected death.

Whether you were here from the beginning or have just joined me on my writing journey, I am grateful you chose to spend some of your time at DeeScribes. I am excited to discover what the next year will bring. I hope you will stick around as I continue to pursue my writing dreams. I AM a writer – and I’m not afraid to say it any longer.

THANK YOU for reading!


12 thoughts on “Day 365

    • Hitting 500 each day has never been the issue for me. Making time for writing is always the struggle. I have about 25 hours each week of unobligated time – time which is truly my own and not work, commuting, sleeping or managing my Personal Assistants. It is extremely difficult to do everything I want to do in just 25 hours each week! But, I have tried to make writing a priority. Alas, I am trying to work crochet back into the mix and failing miserably.


  1. Happy anniversary Dee! Congratulations on coming so far. It still amazes me how worthwhile this blogging thing is – you get back everything you put into it. I wish you many more successful years to come. 🙂


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