I’m Not Redefining Anything Today

On Wednesdays, I usually post an answer to a Redefining Disability Challenge question. I have a draft started, but I have not had a chance to finish it.

Sometimes life does this to us. We have plans. We have good intentions.

Then a Personal Assistant calls in sick. And you spend all of your energy transfering in and out of your van eight times in one work day. And you forget about a meeting you have after work, until an hour before the meeting which makes you late. And you get home to find your kitchen sink full of sewage.

So, writing isn’t a priority right now. Instead, I’m going to finish this tomato sandwich and have a glass of wine while I wait for maintenance.

Photo of a harbour seal in the sun on steps outside Sydney Opera House.
I feel as energetic as this seal.

13 thoughts on “I’m Not Redefining Anything Today

    • Thank you. For a while, I was doing a good job of creating the content ahead of time. Life just interfered this week, and I didn’t want to just post for the sake of posting. Next week!


    • I am a firm believer in only eating tomatoes when they are fresh! So, in the northern hemisphere, I eat as many of them in July, August and September as I can. Then I stop eating “fresh” tomatoes until the next year. The ones I had in March while in Tasmania were a special treat, because I never get good, fresh, juicy tomatoes in March when I’m in NY.

      Now I need to go have a tomato sandwich for dinner. Again.

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