My Go-To Tunes: Festive Friday!

Friday is here! I made it! Hopefully you made it too.

I am gleefully, absurdly happy today because I have MY chair back and for the first time since Monday I am sitting pain free. As a result, I have been dancing around my apartment for the past half hour, rejoicing in my ability to move parts of my body which have been immobile in the loaner chair.

Each year, I declare one song to be my “summer song.” This summer, it is “Shut Up and Dance with Me” by Walk the Moon. Yes, I know it is over-played on commercial radio. But I tend not to listen to the radio as I get bored easily with music. So, I can usually tolerate songs for longer than I would if I were a regular radio listener.

Plus, I may have used this exact line with a potential dance partner a time or two. I’ll use it with you now. Watch the video and engage in a little chair dancing with me!


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