Winning the Search

According to the statisticians at WordPress, someone searched for my blog using the phrase “I hate dog kisses.” YES!

It’s true. I hate dog kisses. I know, I know. You like them. You probably like kale smoothies and fat free salad dressing too.

I tolerate dog kisses under duress when I stay at my sister’s house because she has three dogs. I’ve written about my love for Walter before. That may have been the post where I admitted I hate dog kisses.

When I visit my sister’s dogs (because I know they think I am there to see them), Molly, Walter’s older sister, knows better than to get on the bed with me but is not afraid to try to claim it as soon as I am up. See the photo evidence below.

Whenever it was I wrote about dog kisses and my lack of affection for them, I am excited, as always, to see how people find my blog. Particularly when it has absolutely nothing to do with disability.ย Although, there are probably some out there who would say my dislike of dog kisses is more disabling than my neuromuscular disease.

Molly on the bed
Molly sometimes forgets she’s not supposed to be on my bed.

12 thoughts on “Winning the Search

      • Yes, you do have to put up with a lot when you come for a visit. My dogs, cats, pet hair and dander. And yet don’t you feel the love from them when they are so enthusiastic at your return when you have been away for a while?
        Anyway, glad you are getting people to visit your blog.

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  1. I am not a dog person and like you, no kisses for me from them. However, Annabelle loves seeing dogs on our walks and listening to them bark.


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