Every Day is a Holiday

I have never needed much of a reason to celebrate on a given day. Knowing this, on Wednesday my best friend Stephanie sent me a text full of excitement.

World Penguin Day is Saturday. Hug an Australian Day is Sunday 🙂

I love Stephanie. She knows everything there is to know about me, and remembers important details like this. When you’ve been bestest best friends with someone for thirty eight of your forty one years, I guess that is what happens.

I love penguins. I have always felt a deep affinity for these flightless birds who waddle ungainly on land, falling on the ice and rocks, but then dive and glide effortlessly in the water. I am very vocal about my penguin adoration. As a result, I have penguins in every room of my house. And in my office. And in my car. Because when people learn you like something, pretty soon you become a collector as they buy you gifts. Every day is penguin day in my world.

I spent today (Sunday) working at a local senior health expo. I looked for an Australian to hug, but it’s difficult to find an Australian in Albany, NY. At least, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts so far. There are still six hours left in the day, so my luck may change. Probably not, since I don’t plan to leave my house before bed.

Stephanie and I attended different colleges but we both had “Every Day is a Party” posters. The posters listed various holidays for every day, in case you were looking for a reason to have a cocktail celebrate. There was Oatmeal Cookie Day (April 30), Public Sleeping Day (February 20), Evaluate Your Life Day (my birthday – October 19) and Party in Your Bathtub Day (December 5 -the day after Stephanie’s birthday). Of course, I get introspection and self-examination and she gets to prepare for a party in the bathtub while celebrating with Wear Brown Shoes Day (December 4 – her actual birthday).

Whatever your reason for celebration, I hope you found a reason to enjoy today. And in case you need reasons for the week to come:

  • Monday, April 27  – Babe Ruth Day
  • Tuesday, April 28 – Great Poetry Reading Day AND Kiss Your Mate Day (Guys – read your gal a poem before you kiss her. I guarantee this will work!)
  • Wednesday, April 29 – Japanese Greenery Day, celebrating the birth of Emperor Hirohito
  • Thursday, April 30 – Hairstyle Appreciation Day AND National Honesty Day (Probably best to be careful here!)
  • Friday, May 1 – International Tuba Day (Show your favorite oohm-pah-pah player some love!)

12 thoughts on “Every Day is a Holiday

  1. I’m glad I could help! I will celebrate on Tuesday as I kiss my mate, and on Friday, by making tuba sounds. With all the day to day ‘stuff’ in our lives, it sure is more fun to take a few minutes to celebrate these holidays! Very important!!


  2. And if you can’t find it listed on any calendar, invent one, like “Have pie for breakfast day” the Day after Thanksgiving. I’ll never forget how impressed Paul’s niece was with you and how did you know that was the day after Thanksgiving. Without missing a beat you told her” I just made it up”.

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