National Crochet Month

I had no idea there was a National Crochet Month. I know, I’m a poor excuse for a crocheter, not even knowing there was an entire month dedicated to my hobby. I’ve had other things on my mind.

I love to crochet. I enjoy the feel of yarn in my hands, watching something take shape as I create. I usually have a crochet project in my van so I can take it out and work on it whenever possible. I crochet in waiting rooms, in coffee shops, while waiting for a show to start at the theater, on the train, during day-long continuing education workshops – you get the picture.

Crocheting Melissa’s cowl while on the train to New York City in January.

Now that I know about this wonderful month, I plan to celebrate in style. Packing up my apartment, I learned there are seven projects in various stages of completion on my hooks. Yes, seven. They include:

  1. A purple and white cowl for my friend Melissa. See photo above.
  2. A gift for my friend Kelly, which I wanted to have completed in December.
  3. Socks for my sister Sandy, which were supposed to be her birthday present last year.
  4. A blanket for my co-worker’s new baby.
  5. A blanket which was supposed to be a gift for my niece’s baby, the baby who will be five years old in a few months. At this point, it might make a great blanket for her dolls.
  6. A shawl for myself, made from AMAZING yarn I bought last year with the intention of making something for my ex. It’s the most expensive yarn I’ve ever purchased and I am so glad its softness and luxury wasn’t wasted on him.
  7. A blanket for my nephew and his wife. They got married last May. I might have it done by their first anniversary.

I also have yarn for projects I have yet to start – blankets and sweaters for friends, leg warmers for myself, pot holders for my sisters to use next year for cookie bake.

I don’t have a problem starting new projects. I have difficulty finishing them. I start with good intentions, then life intervenes as it often does, and projects fall by the wayside.

Today I am making a public declaration. I will not start another project until I complete the ones on my hooks. I will not enter another yarn shop until I reduce the size of my yarn stash, no matter how amazing the colors look with the skeins neatly arranged by hue. I freely admit my stash is getting a bit out of control, particularly since I already have so many projects in process.

So, if anyone wants to join me for a stitch ‘n bitch, I have plenty of yarn to spare. Just bring your own hooks and patterns. And maybe wine.

4 thoughts on “National Crochet Month

  1. I’m a knitter, not a crocheter, but a stitch & bitch with wine sounds lovely!! I only have one set of needles so I don’t have the issue of starting a bunch of different projects, but I know for a fact that I’d get into that habit if I had the supplies to.


    • I have been known to go buy hooks in sizes I already own so I can start new projects. It’s a sad state of affairs. But, when the weather is better, I’m up for a central NY stitch n’ bitch!

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