Recently Acquired – The Camaraderie of Writers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

I rarely write blog posts in response to the writing prompts here on WordPress or in the writing groups I follow. I participate in blogging challenges, but most of the time I have many ideas I want to explore in writing and I don’t rely on the prompts to get me started. It might be related to the writing responsibilities at my job. I spend time at work almost every day writing something in response to a task or assignment from someone else, so when I get to write for me I want to follow my own ideas.

Today’s challenge is to take on a prompt from the Daily Post. The one I chose asks me to write about something I now know about blogging which I did not know last month. I have learned so much since I started this blog in September. However, within the last month I have started to develop deeper relationships with writers and bloggers from around the world. Sure, these mainly online relationships are new, and are not the same as the face-to-face relationships I have with my long established friends.

However, these virtual relationships are special because they are all built from the foundation of our identities as writers. I have found peers who understand my frustrations, my fears and my pride at accomplishing goals.

“But Denise, you don’t have to be a writer to understand those things.”

You’re absolutely right. We all understand the emotions and fears involved in pursuing our passion. But just like my peers with disabilities have a different view of my personal struggles with mobility impairments – my writing peers can relate to my efforts to find my muse, to select the perfect word, to edit again and again and again and again.

I have connected with bloggers from Australia, including two who live in Tasmania. I hope to meet them in March when I visit. I have been inspired by bloggers who use their platform to share breathtaking photographs from around the world. I have been challenged by writers who make me question my beliefs and make me examine my daily practices.

At first it was tempting to compare myself and my writing to the others I encountered. After all, there are fine writers and talented artists telling their stories here each and every day. But they are sharing their stories, not mine. As much as I enjoy their stories, the writers I have connected with appreciate the courage I display when I share my own stories in my unique voice.

I continue to write, and I do my best to act as a cheerleader to the new bloggers and writers as they join our groups. Nobody likes to be the “new kid” sharing for the first time. The extrovert in me thrives with these new connections, and I hope I get to meet some of these wonderful people in person some day. Until then, I remain grateful to them for welcoming me into the fold and for helping me follow my writing dreams.

2 thoughts on “Recently Acquired – The Camaraderie of Writers

  1. I have also found the community here on wordpress welcoming, more so than my old blog site. I enjoy reading your stories and words about your life and I’m just coming to understand the kind of writing I enjoy reading. It is usually personal writing – discovering about a writers life and thoughts, and written in a ‘unique voice’ as you say. Nice post.


    • Thank you. I’m glad you have found a welcome too. At some point, I will need to evaluate how many blogs I follow and read. For now, I’m like you – learning and discovering!


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