Finding your voice

Four months ago I took the plunge and publicly declared myself a writer. I published my first post, spent some time thinking about what I might want to accomplish as a writer, and jumped right in. I just read my “Introduction” post and I’m happy because I think I’ve actually held true to what I wrote in September. I have written about a variety of topics, shared openly and honestly, listened to and benefited from your comments and feedback.

If you are a regular reader or follower, you know I have participated in blogging challenges to help me gain practice and experience. One of the common topics in all of these challenges is the importance of “finding your voice.” I wrote about this in October as part of the Intentional Blogging challenge.

As a speech-language pathologist I know a great deal about the human voice. I can explain how the muscles of the larynx contract to shape the airflow; how the sound is resonated in the oral and nasal passages; how the tongue, teeth and lips modify the airflow to create sounds and words; and how pitch and prosody are used to add layers of meaning. Ask me to modulate my speaking voice and I can complete any number of tasks, altering tone and resonance on command.

I have devoted much time and attention over the years to my actual physical voice but I continue to find it difficult to describe my writing voice. I come back to “conversational” because my goal with this blog is to encourage dialogue and communication. It’s what any good speechie would want! “Conversational” is also an adjective many readers have used when I’ve asked them about my writing voice.

Once again I am introducing myself to a new group of fellow blog challenge participants. I have a few more answers now than I did four months ago. I know with certainty I am meant to write. Today is Day 121 of my participation in My 500 Words. Not all those words are worthy of publication, but the daily habit is helping me discover who I am as a writer. This is an enlightening period of discovery and I am encouraged by the response I have received from the other members at My 500 Words.

I am grateful to you – the readers who have permitted me to explore and experiment. Some topics have been well received and have sparked great dialogue. Some topics were important for me, even if they did not spark a personal connection or reaction from you. I have several disability related posts in draft form. While there will be several travel related posts this year, this will not be a travel blog. There may be a few baking or cookie posts, but this will not be a food blog. I will be experimenting with layout and design, now that I’m more comfortable with the blogging platform.

For now, DeeScribes remains focused on me and my writing dreams, as I originally planned. The challenges I participate in and the posts I write are the result of my dreams to be a writer. So many of these have come true. Thank you for helping me fulfill them and for encouraging me along the way.


9 thoughts on “Finding your voice

  1. We always knew you had that voice inside of you-That’s what is so fun about following your writing adventures- for those of you that don’t know her, She really is just like that when you talk to her in person.


  2. I agree with Crinnie, she does write like you are talking with her. Denise, your blog is great and I love following you. I can’t wait to read your blog while you are in Australia.


  3. Like you, I write to provoke a conversation/dialogue. So, I have a question. What kind of dialogue would you like to see coming out of your post? There’s no doubt that you’re a good writer, but I’m sure that’s not all you want to hear. I know it’s a common thing to look at people’s blogs and then ask them to return the favor. That’s not why I clicked or your link. It was a reply someone had left you that made me curious—something about not being PC. Not being PC can really provoke a good conversation, but I didn’t see anything controversial here. So, again, what kind of conversation do you want to see coming out of your post? In any case, you have your describe your writing voice a lot more than you give yourself credit. You are a very good writer with an excellent grammar, but then again, what do I know? English is not my first language. Hey, I just learned how to post my blog URL on a comment page. This is for practice, and has nothing to do with me asking you to look at my post… đŸ˜‰


    • That is a great question, and I appreciate you making me take some time to think about it today. I don’t want to guide the dialogue in any one direction, and would like it to be organic. If people feel compelled to add their voice, I would like them to feel free to do so even if their opinion does not match mine. There are times when I will ask specific questions at the end of a post, to prompt answers when I have written about something. I don’t know which comment you are referencing, but I am not trying to be controversial for the sake of causing a reaction. I think the post you are referring to may have been made on the WordPress Commons, or may refer to my “about” page. What I meant when saying I am not always PC is I don’t merely go along with status quo for the sake of not causing waves. But, I also don’t write simply to start controversy either. I am not silent when I see or hear something which moves me, but I don’t jump on a trend merely to add my voice to the din.

      I’m not sure if I answered your question, but I do appreciate your post. It has spurred some writing which may or may not end up here.


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