30 Days of Thanks Day 17 – Theresa

Throughout my professional life I have had the good fortune to work with many dedicated nurses in various settings. Theresa is one of the nurses I met during my time in cubicle land while working for the Cancer Services Program. As we got to know each other we realized we had more connections than just shared employment.

Theresa grew up not far from my little home town – in the same town where my best friend now lives. Before she moved to Albany, Theresa actually lived in my home town and can relate to my updates from “home.” Not many people know about Bainbridge so to find someone who actually lived there at one time was a fun coincidence.

Theresa is kind, generous and devoted to those she selects as friends. She is on my list of helpers who are willing to come at short notice to provide care when one of my Personal Assistants has to call out in an emergency. When I was invited to return to Australia, Theresa was one of the few people who volunteered to seriously consider going with me to serve as my personal assistant. It didn’t work out for her to go but I appreciate her willingness to potentially spend two weeks nonstop with me on the other side of the world.

Theresa is a great listener and offers sound advice. She has served as a brilliant “break up buddy” at various points in our friendship and is quick to remind me failed relationships are best left behind. Our conversations make me realize how much I value my connections to other strong women.

I don’t follow many sports, but I am passionate about hockey and men’s college basketball. Theresa is also a college basketball fan. Unfortunately, she likes Duke but I have tried to look past this one character flaw as I realize her positive traits compensate for this lack of taste. Thankfully, my Buckeyes rarely face her team so most of the season we discuss the sport calmly.

However when the NCAA March Madness tournament comes around, everything changes. We compare our brackets and discuss match ups and strategy. For the past five years, Theresa and I have spent late March tournament afternoons at a local sports bar – me wearing Buckeye red and Theresa with her Duke shirt – to cheer on our teams. I secretly think one of the reasons she decided not to go Australia with me next March is because we would be traveling on Selection Sunday and would miss the first round of the tournament. And I don’t blame her for her reasoning! I will miss our tradition of junk food, basketball and beer, but the trip is an opportunity I can’t let slip by.

Theresa – I appreciate your sense of fun and adventure. I enjoy our conversations over wine. I always look forward to exploring new restaurants with you. I am grateful for your assistance when I am in a bind. And though we won’t be watching games together this coming March, I know in your heart you’ll raise a glass to my Buckeyes in my honor – even while wearing a Duke shirt.


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks Day 17 – Theresa

  1. Oh, Denise, you made me cry when I read this! I had no idea you were going to write about me in one of your days of thanks and am so honored and humbled. You’ve enriched my life beyond words and I value our level of friendship and intimacy more than you know. I, too, will miss our March Madness tradition but will be cheering on the Buckeyes along with my Blue Devlis, and when you return from Australia we’ll have lots to catch up on!


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