“but remember, it’s a sin to a kill a mockingbird.”

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to participate in a photojournalism course with the amazingly talented Lee Anne Morgan. On Tuesday, October 21, our work will be displayed at the Opening Exhibition. This course was an amazing experience, one I will write about in greater detail soon. Today, Lee Anne shared this sneak peak on her blog. You should check it out.

The Photo Journal Chronicles

On 3 June 2014, I walked into the conference room of the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley in Troy to teach a ‘personal photojournalism course’ — written essays with related photographs. The focus: write about how your disability affects your life.

I readied the conference room-cum-classroom for the next six weeks: cameras, notebooks, and pens were set at each seat. The participants — Barbara, Shameka, Robbie, Carolyn, Walter, Kimberly, Denise, and Janet, ranging in age from eighteen to sixty-five, arrived with a variety of disabilities: speech and learning, spina bifida, polio, scoliosis, epilepsy, mild retardation, severe ADD, and muscular dystrophy. Some never held a camera or spent time writing; others did a lot of one or the other.

I thought the process I developed to achieve our goal was easy. I was wrong. It is neither simple, nor painless, to walk into past and present wounds, and then tell the world. An action…

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