Finding Treasure Part 2

My father’s younger sisters are visiting from Arizona so this past weekend I took another trip to my hometown to see them. Two of my sisters, a nephew, my father’s aunt and my mother’s younger sister also joined us on Sunday for a family dinner. It was an afternoon full of great food, funny stories and laughter.

I have been recording family stories, particularly those told by my father and mother, for the past year. Most of these are stories I have heard many times, but sometimes I am presented with a new story and I wonder why my parents never thought to tell me this particular tale before. Like the story my Aunt Angie told us over dinner about her husband trying to teach my grandfather how to drive. Apparently my grandfather, who never did get his license, had a lead foot and didn’t believe in stopping for red lights and stop signs. After one time with Grandpa behind the wheel, my uncle declared that was enough!

Yesterday, as my aunts and father reminisced about my grandparents, I was aware once more of how rich our family is when it comes to love. We may not have mansions, fancy cars or holiday get-aways on the beach. What we do have is treasure that cannot be measured in material form. We have acceptance, support, faith and bonds that have stood the test of time. We may have differences in opinion. Months or years may pass between visits, but each gathering is a rekindling of that bond, the special history which is a part of all of us.


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