I’m too sexy for….

Sometimes, I am not a patient person. Really, despite what my personal assistants may say, I’m not. I have a very low tolerance for ignorance and inattention. I have difficulty keeping my mouth shut when people spout off about issues without taking the time to research or learn about the topics they blather on about.

As an aside – I enjoy using “blather” as much as possible because it is fun to say. Try it. Feel your tongue against your teeth and palate. Almost as fun as “plethora.” Almost. Back to topic!

Yesterday, a man contacted the company I work for with a complaint. As he voiced his concerns, it became increasingly obvious he did not understand the concepts of Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CPDA) and the role of the fiscal intermediary.

I spend the majority of my work life these days explaining CDPA to other potential Consumers (seniors and people with disabilities), medical professionals, the media and the public at large. I have no difficulty discussing the benefits of this model of home care. I am able to live an independent, empowered life because I have access to CDPA. I am able to patiently explain how CDPA differs from the traditional (read: medical) model of home care for hours at a time when I am doing outreach. I will probably devote more future blog posts about CDPA than I should! I am passionate about my freedom and it is not hard for me to say why.

However, I do have difficulty keeping my mouth shut when people who don’t understand this model threaten to take action which would jeopardize the independence and ability of the thousands of New Yorkers who rely on CDPA to continue to live independently in the communities and homes we choose. As my friend and former colleague Constance Laymon used to say:

“I’m too sexy for a nursing home!”

This man may be able to garner some attention to his rant. He has a history of being publicly combative around issues he finds important. I wish he would take some time to learn the facts about the matter at hand before doing anything too public. I am hopeful that were he to wake up tomorrow dependent on another person for assistance getting out of bed, using the toilet, feeding himself, getting dressed, shaving or brushing his hair he would realize how important it is to preserve this essential model of personal assistance. Then again, he may not be too sexy for that nursing home.


7 thoughts on “I’m too sexy for….

  1. I am also quick to pounce on people who don’t do their research. I also love the word blather and plethora is one of my all-time favourite words! 🙂 Anyway, too sexy or not, he really does need to be informed before he creates an issue that could be to the detriment of so many…..I also had never heard of this CDPA title…perhaps you should be the one to see he gets the info to educate him (in a nonchalant and under-the-radar kind of way, of course)?

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  2. You are too sexy for a plethora of things. 😂 Which first came out “a plethora of thongs.” Those, too, most likely. You are one of the best advocates out there because you are a living example for so many.


    • Ha! I hate thongs – both the butt floss kind and the kind the Aussie’s wear on their feet. I am definitely too sexy for those!

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m not trying to be an example. I’m just trying to do the best I can one day at a time, knowing what I’m advocating for will help everyone eventually.


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