Tell Me A Story

When I decided to blog, I didn’t really consider much beyond the writing. To help me learn and practice, I joined the “Blogging 101” community. I have not been posting as often as I probably should for the course, but I have spent some time playing around with themes, widgets and the appearance of my blog. The assignment for today is a writing task – so here goes.

I have always loved a good story. I enjoy sharing them with others, but what I really like is listening to stories. As a child, I loved having others read to me. My older sisters would join me on my bed, reading my favorites over and over. I had most of these memorized, so when they tried to skip a page I always corrected them since I did not want to miss any of the plot. I’m almost convinced they taught me to read at a young age just so they wouldn’t have to continue to read to me.

My mother and I would read aloud together, even when I was able to read on my own. We shared great stories – the entire “Little House on the Prairie” series, Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries, The Trumpet of the Swan, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Anne of Green Gables, and Island of the Blue Dolphins to name a few.

As an adult, I read a fair share of memoir and non-fiction but when I need to escape from reality, I still crave a good story. If the story contains mystery, intrigue, and enough realism to make me think it could actually be happening somewhere in the world I am happy to suspend belief and dive right in.

I consume most of these stories in audio form.  My local library offers free downloads and having an iPod makes it possible to listen to the audio book recordings during my daily commute or as I crochet. While I do download the occasional non-fiction book, most of my listening involves spies, double agents, government conspiracies, murder and suspense.

I’m always looking for the next adventure – so what do you recommend? Tell me what story should be next in my playlist.


13 thoughts on “Tell Me A Story

  1. Anything by John Grishom. He has a new one scheduled to be released in a couple of weeks. David Baldacci – The Target is hard to put down. Jodi Picoult novels. Some recent reads that really struck chords with me – The Paris Architect-Charles Belfoure, The Baker’s Daughter – Sarah McCoy, The Goldfinch-Donna Tartt, The Law of Similars and Water Witches – both by Chris Bohjalian. By the way, mom never read books to me once I learned how to read. But I do remember her saying to me” Get that noxe out of your book and go out and play.” I just read a statistice:reading literary fictions helps people understand others’ mental states and beliefs, critical to building relationships.


  2. Lee Child’s writes about Jack Reacher. They are great books, trouble always seems to find Jack, but he always rights a wrong. I think I’ve read them all and have never been disappointed. Also, started reading some Michael Connelly.


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